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Broken/Damaged Sockets on Cameras

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  • Broken/Damaged Sockets on Cameras

    I've just had a third person ask me to look at their camera, because "the lead will not fit into the camera any more" or "it won't connect to the computer any more"

    All three cameras had the USB socket broken away from the circuit board. Looking on the internet this seems like a problem across all makes. Has anyone here experienced such damage

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    Re: Broken/Damaged Sockets on Cameras

    Yes, on my Olympus E510. Repaired free though just out of warranty period.

    The 'mating durability' of micro USB is specified at 10,000 connections but this seems optimistic.


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      Re: Broken/Damaged Sockets on Cameras

      Sounds like a worrying potential problem for everyone.
      My reaction is, if this is a recognised general problem why hasn't it been addressed by the companies.


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        Re: Broken/Damaged Sockets on Cameras

        I have on occasion used my USB cord, to download from my cameras. But my panasonic was only usb-1, so I directly downloaded from my HD card (faster).

        This is probably the best way in the long run, for all camera users. I consider the usb cord as mostly; a nuisance. I have never even tried it out on my Canon G12 yet, and probably never will. Its a