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  • Angled Spy lenses

    Another piece of kit I sometimes ponder and consider is a right angle spy lens - like the Opteka Voyeur Right Angle Spy Lens [ame=""]HERE[/ame]

    Does anyone have one, anyone used one on their dSLR. if so, was it any good or did it just degrade the image file.


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      Re: Angled Spy lenses

      Thanks for all that, very helpful. I think my husband's just trying to put me off 'cos he tries to pretend he isn't with me when I do my street thing with the 'big black camera'.

      We already have a 500mm Mirror lens (maybe 2 of them) but I was hoping for something that I could use with the Pentax 50-135mm f/2.8 ... something suitable for using closer to the subject. Summick for pointing out to sea, or maybe at a building, as I grabbed candids of peeps walking along the promenade or the high street.

      I was hoping to be inconspicuous so anything I made Blue Peter style, assumning I could manage to make one, would probably be too obvious with sticky-backed plastic or even fall off the camera.

      I'll think about it a while longer and maybe ask our eldest son if he fancies 'sharing' one with me.