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Lightricks Enlight Photofox For Free On iOS

Press release issued by Lightricks:

Lightricks, Winner of Apple’s 2017 Design Award, Launches Enlight Photofox For Free On iOS

Enlight Photofox

Lightricks Launches New Version of Award Winning Photo Editing App for Free, with a Pro Subscription Service Offering a Premium Experience for Today’s Most Powerful Mobile Editing Tools

(July 6th, 2017, Jerusalem, Israel) – Lightricks, the leading developers of premium image processing software for mobile, announced today the launch of Enlight Photofox, the next generation of the lauded iOS photo editing app Enlight. Recently awarded the prestigious Apple Design Award at the 2017 WWDC and Apple’s App of the Year for 2015 in numerous countries, Photofox introduces a new layers system that pushes the boundaries of artistic photo manipulation and redefines expectations from mobile creativity tools. Photofox brings new tools and enhances previously loved features with a layer-centric flow that gives immense power to aspiring creatives on the go.

The latest app from Lightricks – also the developer of Facetune and Facetune 2 – strikes a balance between powerful functionality and streamlined design, creating a seamless user experience within the world’s most advanced mobile creativity software. The new application has been tailored to captivate today’s growing mobile creative community, empowering them with the tools to generate amazing visual art.

Highlighted Features:

  • Layers – Photofox’s Layers allow the user to combine as many photos as they want, blending and merging them seamlessly and easily. With this multi-layer functionality, as powerful as that of desktop software, users now have the ability to edit individual layers on mobile, offering even more precision and control and enabling more creativity than ever before from the palm of their hand.
  • Darkroom –  Gives users granular control over tonal adjustments, enabling users to fine-tune adjustments for tone, contrast, and image details. With such a vast number of tools and controls, this feature is essentially an app within an app.
  • Quantity of Content – Photofox comes jammed packed with a huge variety of content: fonts, graphic elements, presets and more, to infuse new artistic elements into images.

“Enlight was a huge step forward in empowering creativity on mobile, and this new version will push the boundaries even further. Our users are making amazing artwork on mobile and they’re increasingly looking to unleash their creativity with powerful yet simple mobile tools that can carry out even the most complex creative tasks, and Enlight Photofox is built to support just that,” said Zeev Farbman, Co-Founder and CEO of Lightricks. “Despite being a new concept, the user relationship with subscription apps is already rapidly evolving. We’ve seen early success with Facetune 2’s VIP access, with our advanced users finding great value in the advanced capabilities and continuous updates. We’re excited to bring that value to all aspiring artists looking for the most powerful photo editor that they can carry with them in their pocket.”

Enlight Photofox is available for free on the App Store. Users can opt to subscribe monthly or yearly to enjoy added features, content, and services.

About Lightricks

Lightricks was founded in 2013 by five entrepreneurs from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, four of them CS PhD students, to create the leading creativity tools company for the mobile era. The company’s first two paid products, Facetune and Enlight, are two of the world’s most successful premium creativity apps, with over 11 million paid units sold. Enlight is the most powerful suite of image processing tools on mobile. It was Apple’s App of the Year for 2015, the #11 best-selling Paid iOS app in 2016, and was recently announced as the recipient of Apple’s prestigious Apple Design Awards of 2017. Facetune is a fun and powerful portrait retouching application, enabling regular users to achieve results previously reserved for professionals. It was Apple’s #4 best-selling Paid app in 2016. Each of Lightricks’ apps has reached the #1 rank in the overall Paid iOS charts of over 120 countries. Before raising $10 million in its first equity financing round in August 2015, Lightricks was 100% bootstrapped generating $10 million in revenues a year. In addition to leadership in its core imaging technology, the company builds proprietary user acquisition systems through access to controlled APIs, and serves  as Facebook’s case study for user acquisition.

In November 2016 Lightricks began pioneering subscription business models for mobile tools with Facetune 2 – following recent, major iOS platform policy announcements in which the company participated.

Enlight Photofox

Workflow UX: The new Enlight Photofox is setting out to turn aspiring artists’ dreams into

reality by making advanced photo-editing on iOS simpler and richer than ever before. Building off Apple’s new subscription model, Enlight Photofox perfectly blends today’s photo-editing needs with tomorrow’s most advanced technology. The new multi-layer functionality allows users to pilot their adjustments with exact, unprecedented control. Enlight Photofox comes jammed packed with four times the amount of content, equipping users with a huge selection of fonts, presets, brushes, effects and more to infuse new artistic elements into their images and create beautiful, digital art.

PRO: In addition to the free features, users can subscribe to get all access to the apps’ features, layers, and packs. New features will continuously be released for subscribers.

** Standout Features:

Layers – Enlight Photofox’s Layers allows the user to combine as many photos as they want, blending and merging them seamlessly and easily. With this multi-layer functionality as powerful as that of desktop software, users now have the ability to edit individual layers on mobile, offering even more precision and control and enabling more creativity than ever before from the palm of their hand.

Darkroom – Gives users granular control over tonal adjustments, enabling users to fine-tune adjustments for tone, contrast, and image details. With such a vast number of tools and controls, this feature is essentially an app within an app.

Quantity of Content – Enlight Photofox comes jammed packed with a huge variety of content: fonts, graphic elements, presets and more, to infuse new artistic elements into their images.

Breakdown of Features

Layers – Users can add and manipulate multiple layers with full control. For a seamless and fully customizable editing experience, users can continuously switch back and forth between layers, without locking in edits. Each layer can be edited separately or merged, empowering users with Desktop-like creative control.

  • Eraser: Swipe to remove unwanted objects or backgrounds, with smart edge- avoiding
  • Opacity: Control the opacity of an image for beautiful
  • Transform: Easily transform the size, shape and perspective, giving a 3D feel to the
  • Flip: Instantly flip layers vertically or
  • Blending: Blend images or elements with various blending modes to create double exposures or superimposed
  • Fill: Select a color or pattern to fill in the

*PRO – With subscription, add and edit up to 5 layers within one

Tone – The Tone category offers unique image enhancements empowering users with artistic control, duo-tone filters and an extensive array of adjustment options for tuning contrast, structure, brightness, saturation, hue and more.

  • Adjust: Simple, detailed control over tonality and details for quick color correction.
  • Filters: A wide selection of image filters to enhance visual images, powered by 3D RGB mapping for a truly unique
  • Duo: Enhance photos with duo gradients, unlike any other app on the
  • BW: Convert images into stunning black and white
  • PRO – With a subscription, users will gain full access to all of Tone’s tools:
  • Darkroom: Gives users pointed control over tonal adjustments, enabling users to finely tune the tone, contrast, and image details. With such a vast amount of tools and controls, this feature is essentially an app within an
  • Film: A variety of presets and tools to produce film-inspired effects, including fade, grain, and

Tools – The Tools category gives users an array of tools for both artistic and essential image enhancements.

  • Canvas: Define canvas pixel size and change or crop the size of canvas with fixed ratios or
  • Vignette: Add and adjust vignette and blur for professional lens
  • Light FX: Mimic analog light leaks and colored lens

*PRO – With a subscription, users will gain full access to must-have tools:

  • Reshape: Enlarge, shrink, bloat, or refine objects and subjects with full control and precision by freezing areas not intended for
  • Heal: Remove or replace unwanted objects or defects in

Add – The Add category gives users content elements to add finishing touches:

  • Type: Overlay a wide array of fonts and texts onto images with full artistic control.
  • Elements: Add various shapes and graphic objects to any image or
  • Stickers: Decorate photos with fun, creative
  • Frame: Easily add frames and borders to images and swipe to control color, frame size, and
  • Meme: Easily turn images into

*PRO – With a subscription, users will enjoy an extensive collection of fonts, elements, stickers, frames, and patterns that will be updated

Artistic – Powered by AI, the Artistic category enables users to create art with their images with just a tap or swipe.

  • Urban: Instantly transforms images into popular street art
  • Doodle: Draw on images freehand, with a variety of brushes and color
  • Effects: Use a unique array of effect brushes to any image for added flair and design.

*PRO – With a subscription, users will enjoy tons of added asset packs to spark creativity.


Acronis launches True Image 2017

Press release issued by Acronis

Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation Personal Backup Solution Offers Must Have Groundbreaking Anti-Ransomware and Blockchain-Based Capabilities

Acronis True Image backup softwareAcronis True Image 2017 New Generation solves the multi-billion dollar cyber-threat nightmare with real-time protection against ransomware attacks targeting data and delivers the industry’s first blockchain-based certification and electronic signature technology.

London – January 18, 2017 – Acronis, a global leader in hybrid-cloud data protection and storage, today announced Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation with Acronis Active Protection™ — active protection against ransomware attacks on user data, Acronis Notary™— blockchain-based data certification and verification capabilities — and Acronis ASign™ — the most consumer-friendly electronic document signing service. Acronis True Image is the first and only backup solution in the market that introduces Active Protection technology to detect and prevent ransomware attacks in real-time, automatically recover all data from the backup, self-protect backups and the backup application.

According to the FBI*, damages from ransomware are growing at an alarming rate, affecting thousands of people every day. This year, cyber-attacks will increasingly threaten data on every personal computer** and Acronis delivers the ultimate protection for user data.

Acronis True Image is the fastest and most complete personal backup solution, outperforming the closest competition by more than two times*** and protecting data on Windows and Mac computers, iOS and Android mobile devices, and Facebook social network accounts. Acronis True Image delivers ultimate data protection for personal and family data using AES 256 encryption and stores it in multiple destinations, including external drives, NAS devices, network shares, and the secure Acronis Cloud.

Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation is the most secure backup on the market due to new unique data protection capabilities:

• Acronis Active Protection for real-time active protection against ransomware. Acronis Active Protection identifies unusual activity on computers and prevents malicious applications from damaging user data, backups, and backup software. Cutting-edge behavioral heuristics detect and prevent new and known ransomware attacks, making the backup more secure, and reducing a number of times data need to be restored from the backup.
• Acronis Notary for Blockchain-based data authentication. Acronis Notary offers certification of the content of any file and verification of content modifications against the original version. Unique, “digital file fingerprints” are stored in a distributed, immutable database based on blockchain technology. Blockchain allows users to verify the authenticity of the information at any time. This is especially important for valuable documents such as contracts, medical records, and financial documents.
• Acronis ASign for blockchain-based document certification. Acronis ASign allows multiple parties to execute and certify a document with a secure and publicly auditable digital signature. Users can protect their backed-up documents, which are verified with Acronis Notary and electronically signed – all within the same reliable backup solution.

“With more than 5 million people using Acronis True Image, we know how to provide data protection for individuals and families around the world,” explains Serguei Beloussov, co-founder, and CEO of Acronis. “With Acronis Active Protection, Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation is the ultimate solution for protection of data against cyber-attacks and an important addition to any anti-virus software, especially free or embedded antivirus software.”

“Modern cyber threats are changing the way people and organizations approach protecting their valuable data, demanding almost on-the-fly adaptation to ever evolving threats,” said Phil Goodwin, Research Director, IDC. “Acronis True Image incorporates interesting leading edge technologies designed to help thwart a range of threats and minimize any potential data loss.”

Eugene Kaspersky, chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, said: “The world is facing a rising and increasingly dangerous tide of ransomware affecting individuals and businesses alike. Of course, ideally you should never pay criminals if your data is encrypted by ransomware; that’s all very well in theory, but when it’s your family photos or business documents encrypted, the idealism can swiftly go out the window. There are many measures that can be taken to avoid the damage from ransomware, but a high-end Internet security suite and a reliable backup disconnected from the system is still essential to ensure business continuity if the worst does still happen. And I welcome Acronis’s introduction of backup suited to this trend.”

Besides the unique new capabilities, Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation introduces many more improvements and innovative features to secure Acronis’ position as the leading, fastest, and most innovative consumer backup provider:

• Easy to use, modern interface: A touch-friendly interface across all devices with an easy-to-use web interface for remote data access and management.
• Additional features for Mac users: Unmounted NAS support for source and backup destinations, wireless backup of mobile devices to Mac computers with local data browsing capabilities; file notarization and electronic signatures via Acronis Notary and Acronis ASign, and support for Mac OS X Sierra.
• Complete mobile backup experience: AES-256 data encryption, file preview and recovery, browsing of all cloud backups from a mobile device.
• Backup and recovery capabilities for Facebook accounts: Browse and recover a Facebook account data to an existing or new account with data encrypted and stored in the Acronis Cloud.

“I chose Acronis for my family because I really need to trust my data backup. With Acronis we can be sure that our digital belongings are safe thanks to this very reliable and fast data backup and restore technology”, said Franz Tost, Team Principal of Scuderia Toro Rosso Formula 1 Team.

Pricing and Availability

Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation is a new premium subscription for the award-winning Acronis True Image backup solution. Special upgrade pricing is available for the existing Acronis True Image customers. For more details, please visit http://www.acronis.com/en-us/personal/computer-backup/

New customer pricing:
1 Computer + 1 TB Acronis Cloud Storage – 1 year Premium Subscription – £69.99
3 Computer + 1 TB Acronis Cloud Storage – 1 year Premium Subscription – £99.99
5 Computer + 1 TB Acronis Cloud Storage – 1 year Premium Subscription – £109.99

* http://money.cnn.com/2016/04/15/technology/ransomware-cyber-security/
** https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/incidents-of-ransomware-on-the-rise
*** Based on internal tests.

Photolemur AI photo enhancement tool ships

Photolemur ai-based image enhancementPhotolemur – The World’s First AI Based Photo Enhancement Tool

Delivers Professional Looking Images for Everyone

Built On Artificial Intelligence to Constantly Improve Enhancements

Photolemur for Mac, the world’s first fully automatic photo enhancement solution has been launched. Designed for anyone who takes photos, Photolemur gives users the ability to rapidly process dozens of photos, giving great results on a whole range of images in minutes. Photolemur ensures that anyone who takes photos, but doesn’t want to waste hours editing them, no longer needs to.

Using groundbreaking technology and AI, Photolemur delivers natural image enhancements automatically and then uses Artificial Intelligence to learn the enhancements that you like or dislike to improve in the future.

Find out more at www.photolemur.com

What Makes Photolemur different from Photo enhancement tools

Photolemur doesn’t have any hard coded filters, rather, it applies specific enhancements to each image. Powered by new technology which recognizes objects, faces, trees, sky, foliage and more, Photolemur differentiates between portraits, landscapes and macro photographs and applies the right enhancements for those images. There is almost no human involvement. Just load your images and let Photolemur do the work for you.

Why Photolemur?

Everyone wants great photos. Whether they’ve been taken on cameras or on their smartphones, those images are memories and snapshots of special moments. But photo editing is a time intensive task and most people simply don’t get round to it. Millions of great photos never get shared or even looked at again. Non use of photos can be because the idea of editing outs people off, or because when they look back at an image the shot doesn’t capture the scene as vividly as they remembered. The details that make an image great are often missing.

Photolemur is the fastest way for you to enhance any photo. It brings natural, vivid looks to photos, just the way we see with our eyes, and the way we remember a scene. Photolemur doesn’t change the image or bring in effects, it reveals the hidden details that made the image great in the first place.

Unlike photo editing tools, Photolemur does everything by itself, removing the need for manual control and heavy human involvement. However Photolemur doesn’t use preset settings to make changes, it uses previous experience to identify borders, objects, sky, foliage and more, and makes the necessary adjustments to the image.

Once Photolemur has done its work, you can share your images immediately to social media. This simple process means more great images and memories can be shared.

How Does It Work?

Photolemur is designed to have the least human involvement possible. Behind the scenes, Photolemur analyses millions of pixels per second, identifying individual features such as trees, faces, foliage etc. and automatically makes enhancements which make your image stunning.

As you bring in more images, every saved or shared photo builds a database of successful enhancements, and every non-saved image goes into an unsuccessful database. This ensures that all future enhancements are built on a record of success. Photolemur is constantly learning what you like and don’t like.

For the user, it’s simple. Open an image in Photolemur, or drag an image into the application from anywhere on your Mac.

Photolemur will make its enhancements and from there you can crop your image as you need to, and then save it or automatically share to social media.

Key Enhancements

Photolemur runs a number of key enhancements, including:

Automatic color recovery brings back lost colours and makes your images pop in the way you remember the scene

Sky Enhancement delivers more natural and vivid clouds and skies

Exposure Compensation automatically detects and compensates for inaccurate exposure settings that may have affected your photos, making dark images brighter and vice versa.

Smart Dehaze automatically detects and removes unnatural haze, fog, mist, dust or smog, enhancing the colors and overall look of your photos without being unrealistic

Natural Light Correction considers the time of day of your photos and adjusts tones, exposure and contrast to bring out the natural colors and lighting

Foliage Enhancement automatically picks out individual trees, leaves and any other kind of plant or shrub and adjusts colors, sharpness and other features to bring the beauty back to your image.

Noise Reduction automatically finds and removes unwanted digital noise that is most often created by slow shutter speeds in low light situations.

Tint Perfection automatically analyzes your photos to find the best tint. Dependant on several variables, including the image and its composition

JPG Fix automatically brings back the lost detail that can happen when you save to jpeg format

Face recognition automatically detects faces, then works to clean up any imperfections or blemishes. From portraits to team photos or even selfies

Horizon Straightening automatically analyzes and adjusts for any slightly crooked horizons or backgrounds. Photolemur easily aligns that perfect sunset.

In addition to these enhancements, Photolemur also features:

  • Batch Processing up to 40 Photos

  • Plug Photolemur into Apple Photos Extension

  • RAW Processing (800+ cameras)

More from The Photolemur Team

Photolemur for mac is launching December 17th, with pre-orders starting now. A Windows version will be available in early 2017. Mobile, online and corporate versions of Photolemur are being developed for launch during 2017.

About Photolemur

The world’s first fully automatic photo enhancement solution, which helps to make any photo much better, with the help of artificial intelligence. Photolemur bridges the gap between what our eyes see and what our cameras take. Photolemur doesn’t alter the reality but makes it as vivid, beautiful and natural, as it really is. Photolemur’s goal is simple: help millions of people to get more vivid memories captured on photos without complicated manual image editing & time loss. To find out more visit www.photolemur.com

Affinity Photo for Windows starts to ship

Press release issued by Serif:

Affinity Photo goes on sale for Windows – and gets amazing new features

Affinity Photo for Windows screen showing focus merge function

Press Release • Dec 08, 2016 09:55 GMT

Bestselling professional picture editing app Affinity Photo is now available to buy for Windows – and boasts a huge update for Mac, too.

Today’s Windows launch coincides with developer Serif releasing Affinity Photo 1.5, which represents the biggest single update to the app since it was launched over a year ago.

Chosen as Apple’s ‘App of the Year’ 2015, and ‘Best Imaging Software’ 2016 by the Technical Image Press Association, Affinity Photo on Mac has received thousands of 5-star reviews from professional photographers, editors, artists and retouchers around the world.

Speed, power and accuracy are at the heart of Affinity Photo’s peerless workflow, with non-destructive editing, RAW processing and end-to-end colour management as standard. Tools work in real time, so there’s no waiting to see results.

Now Affinity Photo 1.5’s enormous update takes its renowned power to another level with an array of new features that users will love, including:

  • Macros to record and replay a set of commands
  • Advanced HDR merge producing deep unbounded 32-bit images
  • A full tone mapping workspace for both HDR and LDR images
  • Focus stacking to achieve large depth of field from multiple images
  • Full batch processing to process large folders of images in one go
  • An all-new way to edit 360 degree images
  • Direct PSD write-back
  • 32-bit editing including OpenEXR import & export
  • Automatic lens corrections based on profiles of thousands of lens & body combinations

The Windows version matches the Mac version feature-for-feature and goes on sale for all platforms at a discount $39.99 / £29.99 / €39.99 until 22 December, with no subscription. Existing owners of the Mac version can download the 1.5 update free of charge.

Watch the video: Affinity Photo version 1.5 https://vimeo.com/194672406

Ashley Hewson, Managing Director of Affinity developer Serif, says: “There are two genuine reasons to celebrate today for professionals who want a powerful, high-end image editor.

“The launch of Affinity Photo for Windows means we’ve fulfilled our ambition to become a truly cross-platform presence, which was one of the core targets for us when we started developing Affinity apps over seven years ago.

“Almost all our back-end code was designed to work regardless of the operating system, which delivers 100% perfect file compatibility between the two platforms.

“And with the release of version 1.5, we’ve given Affinity Photo its biggest update yet, guaranteed to have enormous appeal to professional users on Mac or Windows.”

Affinity Photo is the second in a new trio of applications from Serif. Affinity Designer, a high-end vector graphics tool, is already available for both Mac and Windows. A layout tool, Affinity Publisher, is due to complete the suite in 2017.

Affinity apps share the same file format on all platforms, allowing users to switch seamlessly between them both as individuals and in a professional environment, where colleagues work on different systems.

The update also introduces support for the Touch Bar on the new Apple MacBook Pro.

The usual price will be $49.99 / £39.99 / €49.99 for the software with updates included – there’s no ongoing subscription.

For more information about Affinity Photo 1.5 and to buy, go to: https://affinity.serif.com/photo/new-features.

What’s new for Affinity Photo 1.5

Here’s the full list of all the main new features and improvements included in this huge update:

Cross platform (Windows and macOS)

Affinity Photo is now available on Windows as well as macOS with perfect file format compatibility.

Lens profiles

Our RAW engine now includes profiles for thousands of lens & camera body combinations for automatic lens correction.

New colour picker tool

After thousands of requests for a dedicated tool outside of the colour tab, you’ve got it!

32-bit editing

32-bit unbounded images can be composited and edited along with full Radiance HDR and OpenEXR file support.

OpenColorIO support

End-to-end OCIO colour workflows are now supported, with the ability to move dynamically between colour spaces.

Tone mapping persona

Full tone mapping workspace for both HDR and LDR images with local contrast control for dramatic results.

File compatibility improvements

Big improvements to both PDF and PSD import and export.


Record any number of operations, save them and play them back later.

Improved metadata handling

Our detection of RAW, JPEG, etc. metadata has been substantially upgraded.

360 image editing

Pan and zoom around 360 images, using the full suite of tools in Affinity Photo to edit them live.

New equations filter

An incredibly powerful addition, this allows you to create custom spatial filters with unlimited flexibility.

Pixel art document resizing

Two new resampling algorithms have been added to ensure more accurate resizing of pixel art documents.

Pixel tool improvements

Various requested improvements to this tool including shift constrain and configurable cmd-drag behaviour.

All-new export options

Huge upgrades to export persona offers unlimited flexibility for exporting multiple formats and resolutions for each slice.

Clone sources panel

You can now store an unlimited number of global sources for the clone brush, even working across multiple documents.

OpenEXR import / export

Comprehensive multichannel OpenEXR import / export with options like alpha pre-multiplication to cater for all workflows.

Accumulation brush dynamics

New dynamic to allow brushes to be configured to build opacity.

Text styles

Full text style support now added to link the styles of text objects together.

New marquee selection modes

There are now 3 modes for the freehand selection tool – freehand, polygonal and magnetic.

Improved RAW processing

Overhauled RAW engine for improved results out the box, along with over 70 new RAW camera formats supported.

Batch processing

Process whole folders of images in the background while you continue your work.

New halftone filter

A new super-slick halftone pattern filter has been added, including monochrome, colour, circular and line halftones.

Live perspective projection

Work on perspective distorted areas of your image as if you were looking at it straight on.

HDR merge

Merge multiple exposure brackets together into a single unbounded 32-bit image.

Direct PSD write-back

If you are editing a PSD you can now configure Affinity Photo to directly write back to it when you save.

Improved vectorscope

The vectorscope has been replaced by a vastly more appropriate YUV colour plane scope.

Touch Bar support

Support for the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar, including shortcut keys and tool attribute sliders.

Improved plugin support

Greatly improved support for plugins meaning most third party plugins now work correctly.

‘Edit in Affinity Photo’ Photos extension

Now do a full round-trip from Photos to Affinity Photo and back again with this new extension (Mac OS 10.9+).

Focus merge

Stack and merge multiple images together with different focal lengths for a large depth of field.

Dust & scratches filter

A new filter to quickly remove small defects from areas of images.

Huge snapping improvements

Massive improvements to snapping and auto-alignment, including candidate-free snapping and live gaps and spans.

PLUS! Free bonus pack of macros included 

Including various styles and effects utilising the powerful new macro feature. Available with orders within two weeks of launch.

Affinity is a next-generation suite of award-winning software for creative professionals, comprising Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, with Affinity Publisher coming soon.

Built from the ground up with a meticulous focus on workflow and blazing performance, Affinity apps are the culmination of Serif’s expertise and over 25 years’ experience in developing creative software. Like nothing that’s come before, Affinity apps are engineered to be the smoothest, fastest, most precise, and most integrated creative apps available. And Affinity don’t do subscriptions.

Founded in 1987, Serif (Europe) Ltd has been repeatedly praised for its powerful software which has put professional effects and demanding publishing tasks within the reach of ordinary PC users around the world.

Now the winner of over 200 awards internationally, with more than 6.5 million customers worldwide, Serif has more than 150 employees at its head office, development and European sales centre in Nottingham, UK.

Website https://affinity.serif.com

Video https://vimeo.com/macaffinity

Twitter @MacAffinity

Facebook http://facebook.com/MacAffinity

Lightricks launches free Facetune 2.0 app


Press release issued by Lightricks:

Lightricks Launches Facetune 2.0, Free for the First Time Ever; New App Includes Augmented Reality Live Image Editing and Groundbreaking AI Powered Features

Lightricks Leads the Charge in the Shift to Subscription Business Models; New App Includes Over 100 State-of-the-Art Features, Available For Purchase Either A La Carte or as Part of All Inclusive Subscription

(November 25th, 2016, Jerusalem, Israel) – Lightricks, the leading developer of premium image processing software for mobile and the developers of hugely popular photo-editing apps Facetune and Enlight, are announcing the launch of Facetune 2.0. Following the success of Facetune which earned Apple’s Best of 2013 and became the #6 and #5 overall Best Selling Paid iOS App of 2014 and 2015 respectively, Lightricks has now launched Facetune 2.0. This release includes upgraded versions of existing tools and a host of new features powered by unprecedented image-processing technology. The release of Facetune 2.0, available on a freemium model combining in app purchases and subscriptions, signals the business model transitions beginning to trend in the mobile software industry.

Lightricks’ unique formula of easy functionality and powerful editing capabilities have driven Facetune’s rise in a highly competitive mobile photo editing market. Photos have become a core part of the consumer experience on mobile, and Facetune 2.0 was developed to meet the demands of a consumer population with constantly expanding expectations of functionality and the highest quality mobile experience. Facetune 2.0 is powered by the most advanced image-processing technology available, bringing high fidelity 3D facial modelling to mobile for the first time. In addition, the app includes several features powered by artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies, enabling effective live augmentation of photos, all of which provide consumers professional grade tools in the palm of their hands.

Highlighted Features:

  • Face: This feature enables users to reshape specific facial features, using AI to understand how the feature should be manipulated to naturally fit with the rest of the face for true 3D reshaping. As an example, when snapped in a picture without smiling, users can use the Reshape feature to adjust the face to create a natural looking smile.
  • Live Preview: For the first time ever, users can live preview adjustable effects before they snap the picture when using the front-facing camera. This AR feature superimposes facial modifications live in a real-time preview and allows users to experiment with edits such as smoothing skin, whitening teeth, enhancing details, modifying the shape and size of the eyes and nose, anti-glare and fixing shadows.
  • Relight: By utilizing AI to strip original illumination and simulate new lighting, Relight enables users to control lighting with the swipe of a finger when taking a photo in any environment, similar to the way conditions are controlled in a live studio.

“Consumers’ relationship with mobile apps has come a long way since we launched Facetune, and it has been such a popular app that we wanted to deliver an even more magical experience,” Said Zeev Farbman, Co-Founder and CEO of Lightricks. “We’re working with the most advanced image-processing technology and delivering it to consumers in an incredibly simple and easy to use interface. The mobile software landscape needs to shift away from free or small one-time payment models in order for developers to support sustainable R&D at a scale that continually delivers the newest and highest-grade experience to users. We are hoping that Apple’s new subscription model is going to do just that – enable tool makers to thrive on iOS, fostering the same kind of category defining software companies built during the desktop era,” he added.

Upgraded versions of all the original features of Facetune are available for free in Facetune 2.0. Facetune 2.0 includes an in-app store in which users can try and buy an extensive list of additional features, or can choose to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis to gain full access to all existing and future features, content and services. Lightricks will continually update and release new features for subscribers.

About Lightricks

Lightricks is an Israeli startup founded by five entrepreneurs with a proven track record in both academia and industry, four of whom hail from backgrounds as computer science PhD students. Lightricks developed the LTEngine™, a state-of-the-art mobile image processing engine, and the SafeBrush™, a precision tool for the most accurate results. Building on this technology, Lightricks created the successful mobile app Facetune, a powerful and fun portrait photo editor that enables everyday users to easily achieve professional-level results, and Enlight, the most comprehensive photo editing tool for mobile. Facetune and Enlight have both been the #1 Photo & Video App in over 120 countries, and Facetune was selected for Apple’s Best of 2013, Google Play’s Best of 2014, was the #6 Best Selling Paid App for iOS in 2014, the #5 Best Selling Paid App for iOS in 2015, and is currently used as Facebook’s case study for user acquisition. Enlight was named the Runner-Up App of the Year in the US in 2015, and App of the Year in other major markets including Britain, Australia, Canada, Germany, China, and more. In August 2015, after being entirely self-funded for two years, Lightricks raised $10 million in its first external funding round, led by Carmel Ventures. Lightricks continues to deploy state-of-the-art technology to create the next generation of creativity tools for the mobile era.

Facetune 2.0 by Lightricks

Workflow UX: Facetune 2.0 includes all the features of Facetune plus many new additions, with a more intuitive UX and a smoother, faster workflow. In Facetune 2.0, all features have a simple-to-use slider so that users can easily adjust the intensity of each edited manipulation, or paint over certain areas for easy customization. Users can take advantage of an AR auto-retouch feature or apply the wide array of tools and brushes to pilot full control over image appearance. All original features of Facetune are available for free, with an extensive array of new features in the Facetune 2.0 Store available for individual purchase. Alternatively, users can subscribe for full access to all new and future features.

** Standout Features:

  • Live Preview: For the first time ever, users can live preview adjustable effects before they snap the picture when using the front-facing camera. This AR feature superimposes facial modifications live in a real-time preview and allows users to experiment with edits such as smoothing skin, whitening teeth, enhancing details, modifying the shape and size of the eyes and nose, anti-glare and fixing shadows.
  • Face: This feature enables users to reshape specific facial features, using AI to understand how the feature should be manipulated to naturally fit with the rest of the face for true 3D reshaping. As an example, when caught in a picture without smiling, the Reshape feature can be used to adjust the face and create a natural looking smile.
  • Relight: By utilizing AI to strip original illumination and simulate new lighting, Relight enables users to control lighting with the swipe of a finger when taking a photo in any environment, similar to the way conditions are controlled in a live studio.

Retouch BrushesA variety of brush features enabling users to easily apply manipulations onto specific image areas with a fingertip. Also includes original special effects which can be applied to bring more artistic touches to photos.

  • Conceal: With this feature the user can swiftly swipe to remove dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  • B&W: Edit images into black and white for a cool effect.
  • Cool Down: Desaturate overly red skin and cool down the skin tone by swiping over specific areas.
  • Heal: A feature that enables users to swipe over blemishes and wrinkles with unique content-aware technology which acts as an automated skin graft, blending in with the skin tone so as to appear more natural.
  • Matte: By swiping over any areas with unwanted shine, this feature reduces the look of sweaty or oily skin.
  • Cleanse: Clean up skin to minimize pores and unwanted blackheads for a clearer and more refreshed face.
  • Smoother & Texture: The Smoother brush allows users to easily swipe across the image to smooth out complexion. The Texturizer tool adds texture to the smoothed area, enabling a realistic and natural look.
  • Glow: Gives skin a flattering yet natural glow to rejuvenate dull skin tones and color.
  • Vibrance: Utilizes the slider tool to revitalize photos by increasing or decreasing vibrancy of pale skin for a more radiant complexion.
  • Fix Tone: Slider enables user to easily tweak and tint skin tones.
  • Sharpen: Allows users to sharpen features and intensify colors.
  • Fix Shadow: Enables user to swipe over underexposed areas to remove unwanted shadows.
  • Anti-Glare: User can swipe overexposed areas of the image to remove any unwanted glare.
  • Structure: Enables user to swipe over features such as eyelashes and eyebrows to bring out the details of the face.

ToolsA variety of new and improved tools to provide customized control over shaping, lighting, focusing, and touch ups, dedicated for fine-tuning specific areas of images.

  • Reshape: Using their finger, this tool enables users to gently enlarge or minimize eyes, nose, or mouth to refine specific facial characteristics and account for poor angles and lighting.

  • Light FX: Allows the user to add lighting effects to bring a unique, creative flare to each photo.

  • Face: An AI component, this feature was introduced to easily enlarge or minimize specific features of the face, including the shape of the face, eyes, nose, and lips for true 3D reshaping. Using a data driven approach, this feature enables users to reshape specific facial elements, utilizing AI to understand how the feature should be manipulated to naturally fit with the rest of the face. As an example, when caught in a picture without smiling, users can use the Face feature to adjust the face to create a natural looking smile.

  • Relight: By utilizing AI to strip the initial illumination and simulate new lighting, users can control lighting when taking a photo in any environment, similar to the way conditions are controlled in a live studio.

  • Vignette: Allows users to add and adjust the vignette with full control.

  • Backdrop: Enables users to easily delete and replace the background of their photo.

  • Prism: By adjusting the intensity, users can take advantage of prism light effect, creating a unique fractal appearance.

  • Patch: Copy and paste one area over the other to seamlessly hide blemishes and other unwanted marks.

  • Darkroom: For advanced color modifications, users can make tonal adjustments for a color-correct photo, giving ultimate control over brightness, temperature, saturation, contrast, vibrancy, and more.
  • Eyes: Allows users to enhance the appearance of their eyes with details, reflection, pupil size, color, and more.

FiltersBuilt with a new range of over 20 preset filters for mobile so that users can become trendsetters and create and save their own customized filters.

In-App CameraFacetune 2.0 includes a native camera feature. Users can adjust the elements of the image in real-time, enabling them to preview the effects and enhance the editing experience.

  • Live Preview: For the first time ever, users can live preview adjustable effects before they snap the picture when using the front-facing camera. This AR feature superimposes facial modifications live in a real-time preview and allows users to experiment with edits such as smoothing skin, whitening teeth, enhancing details, modifying the shape and size of the eyes and nose, anti-glare and fixing shadows.

StoreUsers can buy any feature individually, or can subscribe for full access. Users can test every feature in the store before buying. New features will continuously be released for subscribers.